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Monday, May 23, 2016

: )

A chap sitting near me today had this on the front of his t-shirt and it made me smile.

What do we want?

A cure for obesity.

When do we want it?

After dinner!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

A longer episode...

Since I wrote the last post, our (admittedly very elderly) tv in our bedroom has stopped working. My husband is usually very good at tinkering with things and persuading them to work again but he has failed dismally with this list of things. I foresee lots of money being spent. I NEED a vacuum cleaner.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bit of an episode

I posted recently asking for recommendations because my vacuum cleaner had died.  I'd still be happy to receive some recommendations because the number received has been very low. Please, pretty please : )

The thing is that we are having a bit of an episode with things dying.  Since the vacuum cleaner hung up its hose and brushes, the printer stopped working, my mouse stopped working and now the tablet has stopped working.  The vacuum cleaner was three months out of warranty, the printer is three weeks out of warranty, the mouse is five months out of warranty and the tablet has four weeks left on its warranty. None of these items was a bottom of the range model and I feel that they should have lasted much longer.  I feel planned obsolescence at work here and my pocket is suffering


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Saturday, May 07, 2016


My youngest granddaughter is 20 months old and very capable at lots of things now. This picture was taken this weekend and I thought it was lovely. She always looks so pleased to see us. When she is older, she is going to have beautifully curly hair and so is her big sister who is 3 1/2.

I wanted the other photo but can't work out how to put it in this post. This one is nice, though.

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Recommendations please

My vacuum cleaner has died. I am singularly unimpressed as it was just three months out of warranty and it will cost the price of a reasonable machine to repair but with only 12 months warranty on the repair. Fortunately my friend down the road "inherited" an extra vacuum cleaner when helping to clear out a relative's house after a bereavement so I am able to borrow a cleaner until I get a new one.

I've decided that despite my wish to be a bit greener and repair things, it would probably be cost effective just to bite the bullet and buy a new one. So my question is: what vacuum cleaners do you recommend? I've had recommendation for Panasonic and Dyson so far. Dysons cost mega money and I am reluctant to spend that much but if I could get 10-12 years out of it, I might be tempted. But I am still bothered by that huge price tag. I need one that is not too heavy because of a dodgy wrist.

So, recommendations please.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Bank holiday weekend

My but it has been a busy weekend. We have finished all that shredding.  Finally. But I am soooo tired now. We spent lots of Friday shredding, lots of Saturday shredding, Sunday afternoon after church and Monday morning. My job was to keep the shredding person supplied with stuff to shred. I've got four builder's bags full of shredding which will get put into the hens' run in the winter. That is a lot of shredding but it is so much less than those three enormous piles of brush and prunings. I am amazed how much it shrank when shredded.  It is a good job done, though.

Yesterday, after lunch, my husband and I and my son and his family all went out to our friend's farm for the afternoon along with about twenty other people from church. I took along a big bowl of twenty scones and a pot of gooseberry and redcurrant jam. I have to admit that I skived off the last morning of shredding to make the scones and really enjoyed my time in the kitchen.  It was a bit of light relief after all that bending and carrying.  Most other people who came to the farm had brought cake that they had bought but it was all the homemade things that went first. So many people do not seem to make their own any more.

My highlight of the afternoon was that I got to drive the tractor.  I had to drive it through a gateway and I did find that the big wide gateway seemed to grow alarmingly narrow as I approached it driving the tractor : ) That tractor is nothing like as easy as our car to drive. My grandchildren had a wonderful time and loved looking at the animals.

This afternoon I got to look after my youngest granddaughter for four hours. She is twenty months old now and very cute. (Biased grandmother alert!)  She hasn't really learned that word "no" yet. I tried to put a photo of her here but I'm having problems. The photo is saved in a word document on my computer. It was from a photo that wasn't very good and needed a lot of the background cropped to make it into a reasonable picture.  If anybody reading this can teach me how to insert that cropped photo then I'd be very grateful.

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