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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

I hope everybody has had a happy Christmas. We have! We had a lovely day yesterday with fifteen members of the family there. My daughters organised the meal with military precision and everybody was detailed to bring something to spread the load. We had a beautiful meal and my eldest outdid herself with 20 different vegetables. That is a family tradition because we all like our veg. Back when the children were all at home, we usually managed about 15 veg for Christmas dinner but there is a greater choice available in the shops now.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday!


Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Christmas is coming

It never ceases to amaze me how Christmas comes creeping up on me every year and I always get a bit caught out by it. I think it is because I remember Christmastime always being cold as a child and I keep waiting for the cold weather to arrive and stay for it to remind me to check the calendar. All year I collect presents for birthdays and Christmas so I've always got a head start in that respect but there are the cards to write, food hampers to make up and presents to be acquired to fill the gaps and then wrapped.  We always write a round robin letter too and that needs done. I've read some blogs where people have been quite derogatory about "boasting" letters but I don't see them like that. We have a lot of farflung friends and relatives and it is a way of keeping them up to date with the bare bones of what has been happening in our lives. I love receiving them too.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an email from a cat food company (Purina) offering me a £1 off coupon. Great, I thought, as I have two hungry young cats to feed. However, every time I tried to log in to my account with them, nothing happened. I tried using a different browser but to no avail. So I thought I would email and tell them my problem. The next day I had a reply apologising and saying that the problem had been referred to their techie department. They also said that they would send me a couple of sachets of cat food and a coupon to make up for my inconvenience. And three days later a little packet duly arrived with a £2 coupon and two sachets of cat food. And I have since been able to print out the £1 coupon that was offered in the first place. Just goes to show that sometimes it is worth contacting a company if there is a problem : )

Today I have been to school to see my granddaughter in her school nativity play. She was so proud of herself for being a star. It didn't matter that she was one in a line up of about ten little stars and that her head dress was too big and kept falling over her eyes. Tomorrow I am going to see littlest granddaughter in her nursery nativity play but I can't go to grandson's as it was a ticket only do and is restricted to two tickets per family. Boo!

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