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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

New Year - that was ages ago

Christmas is past. We had a lovely family time. We split up into two groups for Christmas Day dinner and then everybody brought some food and we all got together in one house for a buffet tea on Boxing Day. I really enjoyed it and it was great to watch the grandchildren opening their presents. But New Year is past as well. We went out to our friends' farm on New Year's Eve with a few other friends and we had a fun evening and saw the New Year in together.

Now we are a few days into January and things are getting back towards their normal routine. I made about five gallons of broccoli and stilton soup for the church coffee shop the other day. I got the broccoli on the last day that Aldi had it at 19p so it should make a decent profit for the coffee shop. I also got carrots at 20p to make carrot and coriander soup as well.  And of course, I stocked up on Christmas veg for us. There is no problem about storing it all in a cool place this weather!  : )

We went to Waitrose the other day too. Waitrose and Aldi are only a couple of doors apart. Waitrose had reduced some of their Christmas items to clear them off the shelves. We bought a cooked ham which was a dry cured hock with a mustard and honey dressing. It weighed two kilos and was just beautiful. It was sold originally for £35 but we got one for £5. The bone was much smaller than I was expecting so there was a real lot of tasty meat for that money. Yum!

I've been invigilating in school again this week. I don't mind being paid for being bored. I did an extra session this afternoon as the real invigilator didn't turn up and they phoned me as I live quite close by and could get there quickly. Their loss and my gain : )

Wishing everybody all the best for 2018.

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