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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stretching my pennies

By the time I got to Lidl, the mince, coffee and chocolate had sold out.  I got some tomatoes, though.  I had been hoping to stock up a bit on the coffee so that it would account for a decent proportion of my £35 to qualify for my £5 off.  My shelves are now very well stocked with lots of things from Lidl and Aldi.  I think my only extravagance was some of the dark chocolate covered marzipan which we both think is a great treat and we are saving that for Christmas.

This Saturday I whizzed round our local area to several small shops who were linked in with the American Express deal for a £5 credit for every shop in the scheme where you spent at least £10.  I bought 2 nice bottles of wine to give to the kind people who give me lifts to and from work on a regular basis when I can't have the car.  I wanted to give them both the same and one of them has various digestive issues (but can have wine) so I can't give them any food presents.  I got a sack of hen food from one pet shop and a big bag of cat food (on offer) from the other pet shop. From the little Asian grocery store, I bought a 10KG sack of onions and lots of sugar. And I went to 2 more shops too.  I reckon I spent about £3 more in money than I would have spent in the supermarket and feed merchant and used about 1.5 litres of diesel but will get £30 back.  So another few ££ staying in the kitty and everything bought was either a Christmas present or for the store cupboard. I was pleased with my shopping and pleased too that it is not the small business that takes the hit but American Express.  I know with the supermarket offers, it is the supplier of the goods who takes the loss but it is the big business in this case : )

So if you have an Amex card, these offers are very good for stretching your money.