This blog is mainly a rambling kind of diary of the transition from smallholderwannabe to smallholder.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It is now three weeks since we have managed to get to the allotment. The main growing season is also our busiest time of year. We won't be able to see the veg and wanted plants for the quantity of weeds.... :( Next weekend is busy too and will be very tiring. Hey ho. And the cats had a fight and knocked over all the tomatoes which are now beyond redemption. Fortunately a friend at work had too many tomato plants and we now have her leftovers. Her son is collecting for a charity project so I shall have to make a donation. Not that I mind contributing to the charity - just so long as those tomato plants do their job.

The new hens have produced 6 eggs about three times in the last week. Yesterday, the 7 of them produced 8 eggs... And, no, I hadn't missed one the day before. There were six good eggs, one with a paper thin shell and one with just the membrane and no shell at all. The day before, there had been one with a very thin shell which somebody had trampled on and broken and there were two little yolks. They are just beginners at laying really, but I must give a dose of extra calcium. Most of the new hens have laid shell-less eggs and ones with poor shells as they began laying and the egg quality got better as they got "into practice".

Must go and get back to the jobs as my cuppa is now finished.