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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


It is heatwave weather and I don't like it one bit. In the winter, if it gets really cold then I don't like that much either. I am a temperate creature and would like the temperature to remain in the middle all the time. Mind you, I'd probably find something to complain about then, as well : )

I've been busy recently - no surprise there. I've been invigilating for GCSEs and A-levels and a few internal exams as well. I can cope with being paid for being bored occasionally. It would be soul destroying to do that job all the time. I liked when I invigilated for an art exam and was paid for watching paint dry...……

I've been trying to fit in shopping and cooking and baking for the church coffee shop around being in school for the exams.  As well as everything else. Some days I thought I would meet myself  coming back. The church kitchen is finished as regards getting the work done. It is not painted yet and we are going to leave that part of the job until after term ends and there will be fewer people needing access to the kitchen. I can't tell you how much easier the job of cooking and baking for the coffee shop is when you can turn on a tap and water comes out. And there are work surfaces too.

I came across some elderflowers so I made some elderflower champagne. It does not take long to get it going. I picked more elderflower than I needed and froze it in the hope of getting some gooseberries later or I can make elderflower cordial. The elderflowers go a horrible brown colour in the freezer but freezing does not impair the flavour and the elderflower is not left in the cordial, after all.

We've had a family bbq and everybody came and brought something to share. It is easier that way because some are veggie, some eat anything and some have diet restrictions such as lactose free and gluten free. I took along a bottle of my elderflower champagne, which pleased my son greatly as he loves it and he didn't know that I had made any. I bought some finger bread rolls (yellow stickered)for the sausages and made some round bread rolls for everything else. My contribution to the proceedings was to be some drinks, bread rolls and some sausages. It was fun and I loved watching the grandchildren playing. The youngest is 10 weeks now and I haven't seen him smile yet but I did get a good cuddle : )

My daughter's Italian inlaws have been over to meet their new grandson. Italian nona (grandmother) only let my daughter have the baby back to feed. My daughter was having baby withdrawal symptoms. Mind you, I can understand Nona's point of view. If I had to go all the way to Italy to see my new grandchild, I would not be willing to part with him much either. After all, next time she sees the baby, it will be a lot of months in the future and he will have changed so much.

This is my first day for weeks when I have nowhere that I have to go and nothing that MUST be done - so I'm having a day off. There are lots and lots of jobs that I could be doing but the housework will still all be there tomorrow      : )

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