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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I think "no" is the short and simple answer... failed at the first hurdle. I only made the one resolution at New Year and it is almost three months since my last entry. Ah well.

My two hens recovered after a couple of weeks but it took longer to get the other Warrens to accept them fully again. I had to keep the two in a separate run during the day when I was out at work and then pop them in with the others at night.

My oldest hen who is almost six years old, started laying at the beginning of March again and is producing an egg pretty well every other day. She stopped laying last September so eggs in this quantity from her came as a pleasant surprise. That is as good as we get from the Warrens. We've had a grand total of two eggs from the bantams this year. I reckon they are just too old. One of them died last month so there are just three of them left now. And despite it being spring - well, it is officially even if it has tried to snow this weekend - I am not getting enough eggs to satisfy my customers. I am running out of ways to say "I'm sorry but they've just not laid enough eggs for you to have any." Two of my customers have not had any eggs this year and the others have sometimes been rationed to four each instead of the usual half dozen.

Eggs are topical at the moment. They are often used as the symbol of new life and it is Easter Sunday today. So I wish any readers a