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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Happiness Revolution post.

Thank you Astra:

I don't seem to have posted my list since June.  I have been happy during the summer, honestly  : )

1   Summer holiday from work - no alarm to wake me up.  I hate being woken by an alarm clock.  My day always goes better if I've woken up naturally rather than by some noise, even if that noise is a favourite CD playing.

2   Catching up with the washing and ironing.  I don't like having a huge pile of laundry waiting for a dry day and then piling up waiting for me to iron it.

3   Going away for a few days and seeing hills and sea and friends and family : )

4   Having a few days to spend as I please without having a set routine or timetable.  I really enjoy that break from routine.

5   You've seen the photos below - having a new granddaughter : )

6   Having a lovely day out for our wedding anniversary.  The weather smiled on us too.

7   Driving a tractor for the first time at a bbq at a friend's farm.  Quite scary but exciting at the same time.

8   Spending a day with my little grandson - big brother to the new baby.  He has started nursery school this term and his self confidence has gone up in leaps and bounds. This is the first time he has spent such a long time with us - hopefully the first of many.

9   Eating meals where most of the food has been produced by us.  I love eating our harvest. 

10   Starting Christmas preparations.  Making things as gifts and thinking about the people who will receive them.  I enjoy the making and I enjoy the giving.