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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Bank holiday weekend

We had a family picnic in a local park last Sunday. Happily, I was in the shade of a large tree because it was really hot. Being in the shade also meant I could have a really good cuddle with my new little grandson. It had been three weeks since I last saw him and he had changed so much in that time. I really enjoyed that ! : )

Then we went round the park for a walk around the "wildlife" section. Most of it was on a boardwalk to keep us out of the marsh - except for one stretch... And I was wearing my best sandals because I didn't have time to go home and change after church. Well, they will never be the same again : (      

They are slingbacks with a suede type insole which didn't like me having to walk through muddy water nearly up to my ankles. I gave them a good was in clean water when I got home but I don't think that the suede type insole appreciated my ministrations. Ah well...

My connections with the church coffee shop is ramping up by several notches. We are starting on next Tuesday, after the bank holiday, with a new regime. Our previous manager has left and we need to at least break even on costs. so I now get to do all the shopping as well as making the soup and doing most of the baking.  The newly revamped church kitchen is now six weeks behind schedule and baking is Extremely Difficult as is making soup.  It might be summer but we still have some customers who are soup diehards. I've bought some much smaller tubs so that the soup is frozen in smaller quantities in the hope of there being less waste. I am also doing all the baking at the moment because I can't ask others to work in the conditions under which I am producing goods. I have access to ingredients but I need to bring all equipment from home until the kitchen is finished. One of my helpful ladies is over 80 and bakes wonderful cakes but I can't ask her to carry all the equipment from home. There is also the problem that the kitchen need to be kept locked for health and safety and there are not many keys around.

On the subject of kitchen, don't get yours from Magnet! They will agree to anything to get your money out of your pocket. And nothing is their fault - they always have somebody else to blame.  It is not what I want from a company who now has so much of our money. You have to pay everything before they will deliver the units...

And so we come to bank holiday weekend. My bank holiday will be spent cooking in the coffeeshop. At least I will be able to use the coffeeshop and just trolley the things through to the cooker in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to not having to clean the kitchen before I can use it : )

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