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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Easter was a whole week ago.  It was a lovely weekend although very busy.  There were lots of things happening at church as you can imagine for an event that is THE major one of the Christian calendar. I met somebody that I hadn't seen for some time and they asked me if we were at home for Easter.  I replied that I rather thought that we were at church for Easter but not knowing our schedule from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday teatime, they didn't get the joke : )

On Easter Monday morning, I went to a local egg producer that has expanded its business rather.  They have a restaurant and a VERY expensive farm shop now although they do still sell their own eggs. For these two weeks around Easter, they also have a huge display in one of their barns.  They had lambs and calves, alpacas, miniature donkeys and several goats with kids, including pygmy goats whose kids were minute.  They had an area in the middle of the barn with various types and colours of fowl too.  And of course they had a little barn with incubators and brooders for recently hatched chicks. We managed to be there at the right time for my grandson to watch one chick fighting its way out of the shell.  Until you've watched it happen, it is hard to imagine how hard a job it is for the tiny chick to break out of this tough shell that has been its world for the previous three weeks. I love watching a very new chick just collapse asleep in mid stride.  It never fails to amuse me.  Of course, the whole object of going to this place was to let my grandchildren look at the animals....... : )

Then, later in the afternoon, we all went to my eldest daughter's house for her birthday tea.  So I had almost a whole day with my grandchildren, which I enjoyed. The birthday tea was good too.  My other daughter had baked two enormous cakes for tea - one was tiramisu  and the other was chocolate with a yoghurt topping and lots of fresh fruit laid out like a big flower. Yum!

Leon Lewis's photo.

Leon Lewis's photo.

You can't tell from this photo but the tiramisu cake with the chocolate topping was about 12 inches in diameter.  And no, despite our efforts, we didn't manage to finish the cakes. But we did our best!

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