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Friday, November 25, 2016


I've been missing in action again. Life just seems to have got busy since I last posted. We have been away a couple of times for my husband's meetings too, which has been mostly good. His meetings are in Cambridge which is a lovely place and I really enjoy wandering round there. This last trip was a short one - just one overnight so one day to wander - but it poured with rain and I got tired of hiding in shops where I didn't want to buy anything. It didn't help that my husband's meeting overran by two hours. And then there were roadworks on the way home with long diversions and loads of spray from all the lorries. I've done very well with the weather on the trips where I have gone with him and I know that I can't win them all but I was glad when we finally reached home this time.

We've had another family get-together too. My husband's sister was over visiting from America and spent a long weekend with us. We haven't seen her for some years so it was really good to catch up. She had not met three of our grandchildren or their mother either, so we had a grand get-together on one of the days sil was here.

We also had a party at church for the 100th birthday of one of our members. It was a lunchtime party and we were involved in the catering. She really enjoyed her day and showed us all her card from the Queen. She was very musical and used to belong to a choir until she was well into her eighties and the current members of the choir came and sang some of her favourite pieces for her. My husband was detailed to make sandwiches and generally help out with preparing a buffet lunch. My job was to bake scones for 60 people which kept me out of mischief for the morning. This story has a sad ending because this good lady died three weeks after her birthday. She had enjoyed good health and still did all her own shopping and cooking. She had decided that as a concession to reaching 100 that she would have a cleaner occasionally but it was not to be. She felt unwell, went to hospital and died there so at least she did not suffer.

Still on the subject of catering, my husband and I cooked a Christmassy dinner for 65 for our last church meeting of the year, last weekend. The church cooker has seen better days and has been used extensively and is now inclined to burn things so we went equipped with lots of tinfoil. There were very few leftovers and lots of people wanting seconds so we must have done something right! We managed to produce the three course meal for just over £2 a head but asked £3 from adults to cover the cost of the children's meals. We have also been asked to help with catering for a quiz this weekend but that will be a doddle as it is only for 30 people : )

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