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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We had a haircut after work yesterday and I feel a great deal better for it. I hate being really overgrown as my hair is really fine and just ends up straggling and not at all respectable. My friend cut a good two inches off my husband's hair and he is looking better for it too. I try to keep the haircuts down to a minimum but I can't happily go beyond 8 weeks.

Our son had invited us round for a meal on our way home. While dinner was cooking, our grandson took us into the garden to play cricket, which means that he throws the ball and we hit it back to him with the bat. He loved this game. His mum plays cricket for one of our local ladies' teams so he thinks playing cricket is obligatory if mum does it. I was impressed by how well he can throw a ball for a little lad not two until August. And his conversational skills are improving too because I don't always need somebody to act as interpreter : )

Maybe I'm just a really biased grandmother.


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