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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I really enjoyed Mothers' Day this year. As son and his wife are both leaders in the BB (Boys' Brigade) they came to the parade/family service at church. Little grandson now recognises us at a distance and can say our names. He is a poppet. I might of couse be a tad biased here, but I don't think so : ) We gave all the ladies at church a bunch of daffodils and since I had not had any when mum was given hers, he grabbed one of his mum's and ran over to the music group to give it to me.

In the late afternoon, we all gathered at elder daughter's house for an early dinner. It was her birthday at the weekend and her OH's birthday a couple of weeks before, so it was a grand, multipurpose family gathering. The only one missing was my granddaughter who was in bed with a heavy cold. Thankfully, she seems to have kept it to herself and not shared her germs.

My son made me laugh. They gave me a colander as a present along with a marzipan egg (yum!) and a big bunch of dandelion leaves and flowers. He knows that I like practical presents, hence the colander and as it is traditional to give chocs and flowers, he did that too. He knows that my rabbits love dandelions and that my bunch would end up as their treat. My younger daughter made me a lovely lemon meringue pie. I love these but it was my present and everybody wanted to help me eat it... Elder daughter gave me a big bunch of daffodils which were lovely but I took her a little bunch of daffodils as part of her present...

It was a lovely day and granddaughter is on the mend, now, too.


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