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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've done enough ironing for two weeks so that the pressure is off if next weekend is as busy as I am expecting. The cauliflower is in the freezer and so are the beans. And 13 little pots of autumn jelly are cooling in the kitchen. Last year this kind of jelly was called hedgerow jelly because all nine of the fruits were picked out of country hedgerows but I didn't manage enough variety to call it that this year. Besides, some of the fruit was out of a garden and I only managed six varieties. Tastes good, anyway, whatever its name : )

It is my daughter's birthday today and she and her family along with my son and his family and my other daughter went to Go Ape. They all went on Friday so they camped for two nights with the adventure toys for adults bit on the Saturday. They all had fun apparently, swinging through the trees etc. I just had a fit when I read the advertising leaflet and saw the price. With all these trees that are in our neighbours' garden but overhang ours and block the light - well, I'd have let them swing through those branches for nothing! But it is not the same, I suppose and they are a different generation.


  • At 12:53 AM, Blogger Jane said…

    I saw one of those Go Ape set-ups in Yorkshire a couple of years ago when we had a holiday in a Forestry Commission 'cabin'. It looked fun but imho the Forestry Commission vastly overcharges for everything. The 7 mile 'private' road leading to the Go Ape venue cost (I think) £6 per car! Talk about a rip off.


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