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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today is the last day of freedom for ages. Back to school tomorrow on 1 September. I feel slightly hard done by as we didn't quite get 6 weeks. The fact that we got slightly over 6 weeks last year is absolutely nothing to do with this year's feelings :)

We spent today not doing all the jobs we should have been doing and might well regret this later but the sun was shining so we went to the allotment. A friend called in this morning and we went to her house so my husband could fix something on her computer, stayed for a quick lunch and then all went to the allotment together. Her plot is just down the path from ours. It was a lovely afternoon and much more fun than the post-woodworm jobs that I had planned. We lifted one root of potatoes to see what was there and were amazed. The usual question of 'how many potatoes do you want for dinner?' is going to have to be reshaped into 'how many dinners do you want from this potato?' They are HUGE. I do hope they taste as good as they look.

One of the older plotholders told us today that this summer has been an exceptionally good one for potatoes. This gentleman is on the committee and asked if they could take a bowlful of plums from our tree as they looked so good that they want to use them as the plums representing the site at the annual show in this area. I am swelling with pride as I type. Other people have often been asked for produce to represent the site but this is the first time in 10 years that we have been asked for anything. Tonight I am going to stew some more of said plums to go in the freezer for winter puds. I do love them! My friend filled a carrierbag full to bursting and there are loads still to pick. We can't honestly take any credit whatsoever for the delights of these plums. A squirrel (probably) dropped a plum stone in our garden and one day we realised that we had a little plum tree growing and moved it to the allotment since our garden gets no sunshine and is totally overhung with the neighbours' trees. We put it in a nice spot and have done nothing to it since - and it has rewarded us with beautiful plums.

Dinner tonight is the second half of a homemade chicken pie from the freezer (made from homegrown chicken) served with fresh homegrown courgettes and homegrown beans and homegrown potatoes with onion (homegrown) gravy. And followed by bought Greek yoghurt with homegrown raspberries. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!


  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger Frugal Life UK said…

    I've enjoyed my last day too, I've made more blackberry jelly, tried out a newly built supermarket and walked the dogs! it's all busy now until Christmas xx glad to hear about the spuds


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