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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yesterday and today were open days at our school. That meant tidying completely, putting up displays and generally making the place as pretty as possible. It amazes me how much there was to tidy up after only one week of school.

Our school featured in the tv programme "The big school lottery" about the choices for secondary school. Parts 1 and 2 aired this week. Next week is part 3. Part 1 was the group of year 6 kids talking about their hopes for "big school" and about the 11 plus exam. Part 2 was the process for assigning a pupil to a school from their selection of choices and about getting the results of the 11 plus exam if they had taken it. Part 3 will be about this group of kids' first day at their secondary school. Our Head was thinking that we would have more people round the school after the tv programmes but I'm not sure there were any more than usual. Mind you, it was pouring with rain both last night and this morning...

We got to school half an hour early last night and left three quarters of an hour late. We did the same this morning - and were run off our feet the whole time. When such an event has set times, why do people turn up after closing time? And why do they still expect the grand tour?


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