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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've calmed down a bit since the last post : )

My husband has replaced one (side) panel of the third wardrobe with a piece of the wood from his in-case-I-need-it pile. The wardrobe has been treated with some woodworm treatment liquid (incredibly pongy stuff and so were his clothes afterwards). We need to buy some more of the pongy stuff. £14 for a litre bottle at our local diy place. His bedside table will also be getting a new panel and has been treated. My bedside table seems ok. We don't seem to have any more woodworm in our room but getting around the girls' old bedroom/storeroom is going to take a lot of weeks because there is too much repair work and other jobs that have got to happen before school starts next Wednesday. Woodworm seem to be most active in early summer apparently so I'm hoping we can work methodically through everything.

Allotment? What allotment?


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