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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've been given a bag of actual damsons so I am into jamming mode. Anything to take my mind off woodworm! I've made damson jam and then went down to the allotment and tried not to look at the weeds as I picked a bag of plums. They are small purple plums which make a nice jam but without the depth of flavour of a damson. There are loads more on the tree but one bag was enough to pick. I shall stew them, remove the millions of stones and pop them in the freezer in little bags to have in the winter with yoghurt.

The one downside to damson jam is removing the stones. After standing there forever with spoon in hand and still there seems to be lots of stones surfacing, I usually am heard to say that next time, it will be damson jelly, not jam. I filled a pint jug with the stones I removed... However, my husband loves it when I make a jelly with the leftovers - as in gelatine 6p from Tesco strawberry jelly. Raspberry is better but strawberry was 6p and therefore won. I tip the stones and any clinging bits of damson into a saucepan and add half a pint of boiling water. Bring back to boil stirring vigorously and simmer for 5 mins. Then tip into sieve and stir to drain liquid with lots of bits of damson and make up jelly with this. If there is not enough liquid for the jelly, then I pour a bit extra water through the sieve to make sure I get every bit of flavour out. Lifts a boring jelly into gourmet class : )


  • At 12:15 PM, Blogger Frugal Life UK said…

    we've made jars and jars of damson jam, and they just keep on coming - someone suggested the delia smith recipe for damson chutney. we've picked a whole basket full of damsons today and another basket of sloes - we'll make sloe gin for Christmas presents - it was a hit last year


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