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Saturday, July 05, 2014

It came

Well, it arrived.  Our son came round and helped with the donkey work of manoevering freezers in and out of the house.  We had to take the back door off to get them through the gap...

Fortunately, the meat had been stored at the bottom of the freezer and it was still rock hard so none of that has been lost.  It was the vegetable-y things that were at the top which were just starting to have a little bit of "give" in them. So the loss is nowhere as bad as it could have been and I'm so very grateful for that. We had half a cow in there and I was a bit worried especially as it is June, after all.

I'm also very pleased to have a Rainy Day fund put by.  We've had to spend money that we were not planning to spend but we don't need a loan and we won't be paying any interest on anything.

So I'm back at the computer now, just calming down with a nice cuppa, because we've weathered this little storm without too much damage. Whew!


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