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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nice dinner

My husband fetched me from work today and I persuaded him that we wanted to go shopping.  He is not exactly the keenest shopper in the world.  I wanted to go to Asda and buy the pizza that I mentioned in the previous post. It was Goodfella's Smiler Pizza  and it was indeed £1.47 and using my £1 coupon, that made it 47p. We had it for dinner tonight with a 25p bag of salad and some of the cherry tomatoes that were half price in Lidl last weekend.  It was very nice too for a bought one (I prefer homemade really) and there is a second one in the freezer for another time. And there are a couple of loaves of bread now in the freezer for less money than it would cost me to make them.

We had to pass Sainsburys on the way home from Asda so I popped in to get the Millicano using the £1 coupon so I've got a couple of those now too and my Danio yoghurt. They had a huge quantity of melons at 50p and the packs of asparagus were all reduced to 60p.  My husband can't stand asparagus so I've got 2 packs to eat all by myself. Yum! I did buy him a treat of a bag of doughnuts for 30p and he'll probably eat those all himself.  Each to our own : )

So I'm really just confirming that those nice coupons do work and the offers in the supermarket are still running.  There don't seem to be so many nice coupons around any more.  A few years ago there were lots around for the things I wanted to buy.  Today I needed to go to a supermarket to get milk so it cost me just a few pennies extra to drive to Asda instead of just stopping at Sainsburys.  Today it was worth it but usually it isn't.



  • At 11:18 PM, Blogger Fran said…

    You are right that there are not the same amount of coupons that there used to be. In the olden days you could also use any coupon in any supermarket, including their competitors. I too love asparagus, but have unfortunately developed a violent allergic reaction to it in recent years :( xxx


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