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Saturday, June 07, 2014

End of a long week

Well, it was just the same length as usual but it felt long...  I was so tired that I went to bed really early last night and watched the last of the series of "Castle" that I had recorded - and now I've got to wait many months to see what happened to stop the wedding.  At least they said that it was the end of this series and implied that there would be another series but what a cliffhanger!  They can't kill off the character after whom the series is named, or can they?

When I am tired, a whodunnit that is not too gory, is just the ticket : )

On a more frugal note, there are a couple of interesting coupons around at the moment.  One is for Kenco Millicano.  The coupon is for £1 off and although it usually costs £3.99, I've been told that Sainsburys have it on offer at £1.99 right now.  And £0.99 for 100g of coffee sounds good to me so I'll be going to check it out and hope that I've been informed correctly.  Our local Sainsburys is fairly small so I'll have to get to a larger branch as I doubt that our local will carry many varieties of Kenco.

Secondly, Goodfella's Smiler Pizza is on offer for £1.47 at Asda at the moment.  This link will take you to a coupon for £1 off that  : )  All I have to do is persuade the good people at my local Asda that the coupon is valid and that they can accept it - they are not very trusting.  I'm not sure how they think that I can invent a Safe coupon...

Thirdly, if you go on to the Danio Facebook page and "like" it (you can always "unlike" it afterwards) then you can print off a coupon for a free 160g single pot of any flavour of Danio yoghurt.

In May, Sainsburys kindly sent me a series of six vouchers for £4 off a £40 shop and 500 extra points if I used all the vouchers.  I haven't used any of them yet because I just find it difficult to spend that much every week.  I note that they give just one week to use each voucher whereas Tesco give two weeks which is more easily done. Yesterday, I got in the post another series of vouchers from Sainsburys but this time just four vouchers giving me £5 off each £50 shop and again with an extra 500 points if I use all four.  I might use one of the vouchers as I haven't done a big shop for a bit but that will be all.  If I can't spend £40 a week, then there is no way that I'll be able to spend £50...  Now if they sent me vouchers for money off a £20 or £30 spend, that might be different.

I did a middling size shop in May because I had a pile of Tesco vouchers that were up at the end of May and we had to go to visit someone that lived not far from a bigger Tesco with a petrol station. Normally it costs a litre and a half of diesel to do a round trip to the closest Tesco with a petrol station so we only go there if we are passing nearby for another reason. I had managed to accumulate (finally!) enough spending at Tesco to get a couple of pence off each litre of diesel so we filled the tank up and also the cans for the strimmer and rotavator.  I was pleased to find that their price was 2p cheaper than our usual local filling station too : )  The main thing that I wanted to spend my Tesco vouchers on was a new microwave as mine was defunct.  My new one cost me £8 after the vouchers so I was happy with that.  Also, with a little bit of shopping on top of the microwave, I now have another couple of pence off a litre of diesel for a fill up towards the end of June if we are passing anywhere near a Tesco filling station.

Every little helps!



  • At 10:54 AM, Blogger Fran said…

    I hadn't thought of using my Tesco vouchers for a new microwave. Mine has given up the ghost and needs replacing. Thanks for the prompt. Have a good weekend x

  • At 12:59 PM, Blogger Jo said…

    I've been hanging on in the hope that Tesco would do one of their double-up-your-vouchers on electrical goods. I couldn't wait any longer so I just went and bought a new one.

    I do hope that things are a little easier in your life now. I've been thinking about you and wondering : )


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