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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunshine : )

What a beautiful day.  I am catching up with the washing that didn't get done last week because of the rain. In fact I have run out of clothes pegs because I have done so much.  I have one last load just finishing in the machine now and I hope some things are dry and can be brought back in so that I can use those pegs for this load.

We've had a couple of those meals that I made last weekend and lots of eggs this week.  I would normally have stretched the mince a bit further but I was running out of space in the freezer.  My new little hens are still laying eggstremely well (sorry!) and we shall be having more eggy meals this week.  I also managed to sell a couple of extra boxes to folk at work, so that has helped too.

We were given some fence panels by some friends to break up for the woodburner.  They were propped up at the back of the house awaiting destruction when my son called in during the week.  He informed us that these panels were in incredibly better condition than the ones in his garden and could we please do a swap.  So my husband is round there this afternoon helping to swap our fence panels for his battered ones.  I'm sure our friends would be delighted that their panels were having a second life rather than just getting burnt.  And when I've pegged my last load of washing out, I'm going round there too and we'll all have tea together.  And I'll get to play with my grandchildren :)

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  • At 10:57 AM, Blogger Fran said…

    Enjoy the sunshine, it is certainly a welcome change xxx


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