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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter is coming

Tonight we have our first service of the Easter celebration at church. It is a joint service with various other churches in the area but we are hosting it at our church.  Tomorrow, Good Friday, the same churches will gather for a short service and then a Procession of Witness up the High Street to another church where there will be an even shorter service.  In the evening, there is yet another service.  Then on Sunday there is an early service followed by breakfast (eggs for Easter!) and then a brief interval (music rehearsal for us) and the main service.  Then a bring and share lunch and an afternoon of fun for everybody.  We are not providing music for just one of those services...

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday and my husband had been asked to preach at another church a few miles away.  It was a good service and beautiful weather so we drove into the lanes behind the little town and ate our picnic in the sunshine and had a little walk.   We parked beside a field gate so that we would be off the road and other cars could pass by.  When I stepped out of the car, there was a fallen branch almost covered by the weeds that were growing so we got out our little saw that lives in the boot and the branch went into the boot in pieces.  Next winter's supply of wood for the woodburner is growing. 

On the way home, we passed very close to a large branch of Tesco that I hardly ever get to visit, so we called there and brought home lots of yellow stickered bread and salad.  I took a carrier bag of goodies to my son's house, one to my daughter's house and one to my friend down the road.  Lots of happy smiles from the recipients and the three bags didn't even cost me £3 in total. 

On Tuesday, we went to my lives-slightly-further-away daughter's house.  She has just come out of hospital after an op and that was our day for looking after her.  Family and friends are doing one day each until her partner can be off work.  It was nice to have a quiet natter with her and see for myself that she is definitely improving.  An assurance over the phone is not quite the same as seeing for myself in person.

Last night we went to our first barbeque of the year.  It was another beautiful day and most the the family gathered at other daughter's house and we sat outside and chatted until it became too cold at about 7.30.  I always enjoy seeing my family and playing with the grandchildren : )

This has been a good first week of my holiday so far.  And the list of jobs to be done has not got any shorter because I've been too busy enjoying myself.  I need to remedy that!  Maybe I need to reprioritise the jobs to make sure at least some things get done next week...

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