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Saturday, May 10, 2014


My husband is improving now although he is not sleeping very well.  Problems with the nose means that he is waking himself up with his snoring let alone me.  He had his nose cauterised (yeuk and triple yeuk!) on Tuesday morning which hopefully will deal with all the problems.  He was very embarrassed to discover that the young doctor who treated him was a boy he had taught at school...  When somebody is going to be looking up your nose, it is preferable to have a doctor who is a total stranger...  : )

Exam season is almost upon us.  Years 11 and 12 have gone on study leave now from school and year 13 are going this week.  My husband has started his examiner meetings today for marking/moderating.  After the week we've just had, I was really pleased to have a VERY quiet day today. I had hoped to do a couple of loads of washing but it keeps raining so I didn't.

I've been through the fridge and peered in all the lurking tubs of leftovers and prepared six dinners for the next couple of days and to go in the freezer based on mince ++ and soup. I've also put a couple of (non-food) items in the bin that I was hanging on to "just in case" so I feel quite virtuous.

My new little hens have suddenly decided to up their production and we will be eating lots of eggs this week as well as the meals that I prepared today. I need more customers! Once the spring flurry of eggs is past a couple of the older hens probably won't lay again and the middleaged ones will only lay occasionally.  So after the summer, we'll probably have mainly eggs from the newbies with an occasional oldie.  It is just right now that I am inundated with eggs but it is only a temporary problem -  and it is such a nice problem to have : )

Just two more weeks at school and it will be half term...

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  • At 11:31 AM, Blogger Fran said…

    So you will be googling egg recipes then! Glad to hear that hubby is on the mend. Bet it made him feel older having an ex pupil as his doctor xxxx


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