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Friday, May 02, 2014

Long weekend - yay!

So it is May already.  I'm sure that time is speeding up somehow.

My husband has tidied out one small shed this week.  It is one where he stores his wood that is useable for projects and not for the woodburner.  The door doesn't quite close and when he got to the back corner behind the wood, there was a pile of leaves and a hedgehog curled up asleep in it : )
I wouldn't let him turf it out because I can see that a hedgehog might be a good friend and eat up some of the things that I don't want visiting my garden.

And we've collected even more wood.  The further into the future that we can postpone having to actually buy wood, the better.  My friend left us an answerphone message to say that she had driven past a house with a pile of branches at the front.  So we went down to the house and my husband sat in the car and sent me to be cheeky and ask at the door if we could have them. We could so he ventured out of the car and we filled our estate car twice over.  It always amuses me that he stays in the car and sends me out.  These are freshly cut branches again so they will be for the winter after next.  Tonight, we've been to a work colleague's house and collected a car full of wood and a roof rack full of fence panels.  This is the second time we've been to this person's house and come home with just about the limit of wood that the car would cope with.  Last time, some of the lap fence panels got used to roof two of the new log stores.

I've lost another hen this week.  She was old but not my oldest and she had not laid an egg for well over a year.  Actually my oldest is currently laying about 4 eggs each week and she is the sole survivor of her little flock.  The flock that succeeded hers have all gone and so have most of the flock that succeeded them.  So Bluebelle is doing really well!

I notice that I've had loads of visitors to my blog this last two weeks.  I've had as many visitors in two weeks as I usually have in 3 months.  People are very welcome to stop by but I'm just curious as to what it is that has sparked people's interest.  I love it when comments are left here and I go and visit other blogs written by people who think along the same sort of lines as I do. I started writing this blog as a sort of online diary so that I could look back and see what I've been up to and I'm always a little bit surprised but very pleased when other people read my ramblings especially as I've not really got the equipment to put lots of nice photos on the blog.  So if you are new here - then you are very welcome!

I am so looking forward to this long weekend.  I know that I've only been back at school for one week after the Easter holiday but tonight I feel that I could sleep the clock round.

Yawn...   Goodnight!

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  • At 11:02 PM, Blogger Fran said…

    We have been collecting broken fence panels as they make excellent kindling - they are all smashed up and waiting to be used. Mind you we have a fire going at the moment as it is so cold! I like reading your 'diary', I think you get a feeling about kindred spirits and that is what attracts you to some blogs. Enjoy the long weekend xxx


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