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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Mothers' Day etc

On Saturday, we went shopping to Aldi to spend our £5 off voucher, made 2 x 8 portion desserts for the evening, did the washing, went and collected a load of wood (for the woodburner) from an unwanted shed belonging to a friend of a friend, and went to an evening fund-raising meal at church.  One of our young people is doing a degree and needs funds to go on a far flung placement.  She only has her student loans so we ran a "pop-up restaurant" at £5 a head to raise some money to help her out.  It is the first meal out where I have had to pay for a very long time but we wanted to help too.

On Sunday, we were up and at church for a music rehearsal for 9 am.  Then the service and after that I popped over the road to Asda to buy myself a treat of the much advertised 1 litre bottles of Baileys for £12. Guess what!  There was a big gap on the shelves where the Baileys should have been.  I had had a long discussion with myself as to whether I could justify spending £12 on just myself for a treat - and I need not have bothered : (

Then a quick sandwich and out to my friend's farm.  They had their first lambs of this year born last Thursday and the first calf on Saturday.  Very, very cute!  Unfortunately the calf was yet another bull.  They have had all male calves for several years now and would really like some females to ensure the continuation of the little herd. They are Dexters so the calves are quite small.

And straight to my daughter's for an early dinner.  It was a multi-purpose family get-together. Within the last week, the family have had cause to celebrate one birthday, one wedding anniversary and Mothering Sunday and another birthday in two weeks.  So all of us met up at my daughter's house for a meal together.  It was a lovely warm afternoon so the children were all able to play outside.  I was quite tickled when my 20 month old granddaughter dragged me outside to play tig.  "You go" she said and ran away giggling and then waited for me to catch her and say "tig". My duff knee can cope with running after a small girl who runs away and then waits for me to catch up but running after the 4 year old was a lot harder!

It was a lovely weekend and I really enjoyed it but I have to admit that I came to work on Monday for a rest.  And anybody who knows what working in a school is like, will understand just how (un)likely that is : )

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  • At 12:39 AM, Blogger Fran said…

    Lol going to school for a rest - first time I have EVER heard that! You must be about to start Easter soon, so that will be a proper rest. Very envious of that but I have been for several job interviews recently that could potentially mean I get the school holidays - can't wait xxx

  • At 1:49 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    Just one more week to go : )
    I don't know how you cope in a school without the holidays. They are a vital necessity for recharging the batteries!


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