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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Well, here I am at home doing precious little and feeling a bit like I am on holiday. At the same time, I am feeling guilty for not being in work and not doing all the million jobs waiting for my attention at home. When I sit on the settee with my knitting/sudoku/whatever, I feel like a big fraud. I didn't get better from my earlier poorliness and have chest infection that likes me and won't leave. Hmmm. The novelty of being at home is wearing off.

I did a load of washing yesterday - in the machine, that is as the handwashing is temporarily off the menu. The sun was blazing down but I still consulted the online weather forecast before I set the machine going and the forecast confirmed that it would be dry and all day today as well. So after lunch it poured with rain and it has poured continuously this morning. Hmmm.

My husband is up to his ears in exam stuff, both for OCR and papers to be marked for school. The allotment is suffering both from my chest infection and from these exams as we just can't get there. It is prime growing season and the allotment is being totally neglected. I keep waiting for one of those notices from the allotment association to tell us to get our act together or the plot will go to the next people on the waiting list.

On the home front, I am having a salad each day from the mixed lettuce leaves in a tray outside the back door combined with a few pea shoots and a little bit of parsley and chives. I just love fresh salad! I also love the fact that I am getting the maximum of whatever vitamins etc are present as all the salad was growing 2 minutes before entering my mouth : )

ps Blogger would not let me post this on Sunday when I wrote it. Still problems...
The "publish" button just is not working.


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