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Thursday, June 16, 2011

We are coming to the end of the extra exam marking soon. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I know that the extra dosh will come in very handy when we actually get it but my husband has reached the point of finding it hard going after a day at work.

The hens are enjoying the warmer weather and the egg numbers are fluctuating as a result. It is now past the spring flush of eggs and the weather is warmer but not too hot - just how they like it. Being off work has its compensations for the hens because I can let them out in the garden for a good long runaround and dustbath. They have big runs but love the freedom of exploring an even bigger area. With the quantity of foxes that we get through the garden, I won't let the hens out unless one of us is there in the garden with them. I've only ever lost one hen (she was my favourite) to the fox and that is more than enough. I do my absolute best to keep the others safe. They get so excited when I let them out of the door of their run. Of course, I also have to make sure that they don't make a bid for freedom into next door's garden too.

I shall stockpile my posts until such time as Blogger will let me post them. I don't know why it won't let me publish. I also don't understand why I can post a comment on some blogs and not on others. Very puzzling.


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