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Friday, August 20, 2010

We've been away on holiday for five days and got back last night. We stayed with family in Plymouth and it was good to see them and catch up. We took my mother-in-law out twice. The first time we just drove up on Dartmoor and sat with a cuppa from our trusty flask and looked at the wonderful view and then went on to Burrator reservoir where we bought an ice cream from the van and went for a little walk along the flat road there in the sunshine. The second time we went to Tavistock and looked round the pannier market and then went up on to the moor for a picnic lunch but only a short walk because the ground is uneven. On our wedding anniversary we went out by ourselves and spent the day pottering up on the moor and had another picnic. Dartmoor is lovely and you can always find a spot with nobody else around so the peace and quiet can permeate.

On the Tuesday, we went to meet Frugal Queen and had lunch at her house. It was really lovely to meet up and chat. Lunch was really nice and I thoroughly enjoyed it - all home made and frugal and very, very tasty (well, what else would you expect from Frugal Queen?). I felt we could have kept on chatting for hours. I was given a pot of sloe jelly to bring home. I will enjoy that and in the winter, it will be a reminder of a very pleasant day in the summer. We went for a potter around Liskeard after leaving Frugal Queen before going up to Minions for another potter and a cuppa from the flask again. Minions used to be a favourite spot for a walk when we used to stay with mother-in-law at Callington before she moved back into Plymouth.

So we got back last night and slept like logs. There is nothing quite like the feeling of "just right-ness" of your own bed after being away. However, we had to be up early for the central heating engineer was due at 9 am and I had to empty out the airing cupboard so that he could get into it without knocking everything over. The boiler is not heating the water and we quite like hot showers... Another bill! We paid the home insurance the day before we went away so between that bill and knowing we would have a bill for the boiler as soon as we got back, we were especially careful not to spend much at all when we were away.

About a week before we went away, an insurance firm rang up and offered to give us a quote. Fine, we said as it was on their phone bill. They quoted £100 more than the renewal quote so we said "no". Just a moment, they said, and I'll have a word with my manager. So they brought the total down to £50 more than the renewal quote. We said "no". We'll put the quote in the post for you in case you change your mind, they said. Please don't, we said, as it will be a waste of resources and we will definitely not be taking out insurance with you as you are still quoting £50 more than our current insurer. So they sent it to us by post. It is no wonder insurance is expensive whan they waste money unnecessarily. And we got another quote which beat the renewal quote by £50 and were happy with that. No Quidco cashback this year, though, but you can't have everything.


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