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Saturday, July 03, 2010

This week has been busy and we haven't had a free weekend for several weeks. This one isn't free either but it is just not quite as full. This morning we provided the music for a children's activity morning at church. Next weekend we are not booked to do anything. However, I'm not cheering yet because I think my daughter has designs on borrowing dad to help work on the Ford Transit that they are converting to a campervan. The trouble is that we have not had any time to go to the allotment since before my husband was poorly. We are hoping to go tomorrow afternoon for a bit if it is not too hot. I am quite bothered about how much weed we will find. And is there any fruit and veg left or has it all been smothered by the weed? We certainly won't have the time (or the energy) tomorrow to transform it all and we won't have another opportunity to go until next weekend, daughter and weather permitting. At least some of the weeds will be able to be eaten by the rabbits and hens so not all will be lost.

I'm doing the washing today. The problem with busy weekends all in a row is that only the minimum laundry gets done and sooner or later you get down to the dregs of the wardrobe. My washing line is full and the next load will be finished in a couple of minutes so I will have to sort the washing line for dry or almost dry items that can be taken down and the rest moved up so that more can be added. There is more to do tomorrow too. And the ironing as well.

Our boiler has stopped heating the water. It will still heat the radiators - just not the hot water for my shower. I can feel another bill coming on. The car had its MOT this week and that was expensive. This week is not a good week for the smallholderwannabe funds!


  • At 9:30 AM, Blogger Michelle H. said…

    I hear you on the full washing line. It's been rainy here which is unusual for us and it's been much harder to get the laundry dry.
    Hope you find the allotment in better shape than you imagined!


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