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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm working hard to clear all the surfaces in my room at work so that the cleaners can have a real good go in here during the holidays. I can see large areas of clear space so I'm nearly there but not quite. Just a couple of days to go now and then FREEDOM for 5 weeks. And then I start trying to sort the house out. I've promised myself that I shall clear out lots of clutter although I want a holiday as well. I don't think we will be going away much but I want a break and catch up on sleep and just to feel rested. So I've plans for some decluttering but not everywhere because there is too much to do and I want to succeed, not set myself up for failure.

It is our staff end-of-year "do" tonight with a bbq. This year, the school governors said they would pay for staff because we had such high exam etc results. A free meal and it will be really nice too. I'm looking forward to it, tonight.


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