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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My husband made me a lovely dinner yesterday. We had a minced beef pie from the freezer which I had bought from Sainsburys when they were on special offer at 50p a few weeks back. Needless to say, I had bought several and put them in the freezer! Usually we like to make our food ourselves but sometimes when I find a bargain like that, we have some in the freezer. I think they must have been changing the packaging or something like that because they were on offer, not reduced for a quick sale. It is a family sized pie which cuts into 4 portions. We ate it with potatoes given to us by an allotment friend who still had a sack of last year's spuds to use up, courgettes given to us by another allotment friend (ours are smaller and not at the "glut" stage yet), our first picking of our own runner beans and onion gravy made with onions from our allotment. Pudding was some of last year's fruit from the freezer with a very small portion of icecream. As there is enough of everything for another night's dinner, the total cost of two complete meals for both of us was 50p for the pie, a tiny bit of fat to saute the courgettes and the gravy granules plus a tiny bit of icecream.

Very nice it was too!


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