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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am soooo tired. We have taken a party of 70 Year 5 kids from the local primary schools on a trip to Snibston Discovery Park in Coalville in Leicestershire. It is part of our school's community involvement programme. Snibston is a fabulous place and the kids were great but it is HOT today. I get prickly heat if I go out in full sun so I was trekking round today in long trousers and a button-up-to-the-neck long sleeved shirt and I am cooked. I am slumped in front of the computer with a restorative cup of tea and my husband is likewise slumped in front of the tv. It was a great day out and I would thoroughly recommend Snibston to anybody near Leicestershire but not on a hot day like today!

Snibston was a colliery owned by George Stevenson and his son Andrew, the Victorian engineers who built the Rocket steam train and also built the first railways here. They paid £20 an acre for the land in the 1830s. Now land in the Midlands is going for a minimum of £7000 an acre. Superb day out with so much to do and see. It is very much a "hands on" sort of place and parents will be kept amused as well as their children. We have been on this trip nine times now and enjoyed every one - even the rainy ones.

Our church had planned a picnic in the park for everybody tomorrow after the service but the weather forecast says it will be even hotter. Much as I love a picnic, I think I might just be hiding inside at home after the service. Our house faces the wrong way for catching the sun and it might be a problem for the rest of the year but the coolness of the downstairs room is a real blessing on blistering hot days in summer.

I've had my cuppa and caught up on my email and written here so I need to go and feed my animals. When we got home, it was beyond me to do anything without a bit of a break first. I can't begin to say how pleased I am that I got enough ironing done last weekend to last through this week at work and so I don't have that job to do. Just got the music for church to practise for tomorrow and tea to eat (too hot and too tired to eat a big meal) and I can put my feet up for a bit and then head for an early night.


  • At 7:31 AM, Blogger Michelle H. said…

    It's been so hot here too I haven't wanted to cook in a week! I need to just go make myself do it anyway. We're getting a little tired of crockpot meals.

  • At 3:28 PM, Blogger freerangegirl said…

    School trips are exhausting! especially in this heat. Its great for the kids but I always feel shattered when I get home! Enjoy your cuppa!


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