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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It is mid-April so it is time to write my second list for the Happiness Revolution.

What makes me feel happy right now?

1   Easter!  Celebrating the risen Lord.

2   Two weeks holiday from work - but I must have blinked because how did it get to Tuesday of the second week already?

3   Sunshine and blue skies today but with the odd April shower to water the plants on the allotment and in the tubs at the back of the house.

4   We spent a wonderful afternoon yesterday with my son and daughter-in-law and my little grandson out at our friends' farm.  And there were lambs and a new calf.  One lamb needs a bottle three times a day because its mum doesn't have enough milk for it so we just had to go out and feed it... : )  Unfortunately, when you are two years old, being up close and personal with sheep and lambs is a very scary experience although it can be enjoyed from a safe distance.

5  Baking a cake for everybody to enjoy at the farm yesterday afternoon and having it turn out really nice looking.  Mind you, driving to the farm with the car full of that just-out-of-the-oven smell was torture.  It was a banana cake but when I went to the fruit bowl, there were not enough bananas so I grated an apple in too and that made it beautifully moist.  I think I'll be adding in apple again deliberately next time.

6   We'll be away for a night later this week and I'm really looking forward to it. A mini-holiday : )

7   I love these lighter evenings and mornings and the way that the daytime stretches slowly out as the year moves on.

8   Being able to dry a load of washing on the line outside.  In early spring, we spend time at the weekend pegging it outside and then bring it in still damp and have to spread it round the house and wait for days for it to dry properly.  Now a load will dry outside in a day and the sheets and towels can have that lovely fresh outside smell.

9   Having a friend round for lunch because there is time in the school holidays which does not exist in term time : )

10 Watching the increased spring activity of the birds in the garden.  Right now I'm watching a blue tit on the ivy on the fence by the window and a couple of blackbirds turning over some leaves further up the garden.

It is good to remind myself of all the little things that work together to make life good so thank you to Astra for making me stop and take the time to ponder.



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