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Sunday, February 26, 2012

So we now have a spanking new non-matching toilet which is fitted but still leaks from the coupling to the old pipe that goes through the wall.  We can use it but just need to empty frequently the little tub that sits below said leaking pipe.  We've bought the cheapest toilet which was available to be taken away with prior ordering so that when we eventually get round (it'll be years if we don't find a place to move to) to redoing the bathroom, we can buy a whole new matching suite without worrying about throwing money away by chucking out a working but expensive loo.

My husband also spent almost all of Saturday helping our son fit his new (new to them, that is) kitchen.  He'll be going back to school tomorrow for a rest : )

I went to Tesco today to stock the cupboards up because they had kindly sent me a voucher for £7 off a £50 spend.  However, when I got there the shelves were bare.  That is, they had ONE of the items on my list in stock. I was not amused.  One of the things that I wanted was several jars of fairly traded instant coffee for church.  Not only could I not find it and nor could the passing assistant that I asked to show me where it was, but when I went to customer services, I was told that they don't stock fairly traded tea and coffee any more. So much for Tesco trying to say that they care about people and the environment!  I've emailed them to complain but won't hold my breath for a reasonable reply.

The hens tell me that spring has sprung because they are laying for England.  I've been going round work trying to get all and sundry to buy some eggs.  A lot of these hens won't lay many eggs at all after this spring flurry has finished and this egg money is their pension.

We're having omelette for tea: )


  • At 8:59 AM, Blogger Kim @ Lavender Fields Forever said…

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I know what you mean about odd bathroom fittings. We had a grey suite & one of my visitors dropped a hair brush in the sink and cracked it. we couldn't get a replacement either so ended up with a white one


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