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Friday, February 24, 2012

We had a bit of a catastrophe last night.  We went to church because we were in the music group but didn't stay for the second half of the service because I was too tired.  We got home, I packed my things ready for work in the morning and headed for bed.  In the bathroom, we found that the toilet cistern had simply cracked from top to bottom down one corner and the water was seeping out (rapidly) all over the floor.  The cistern was on a continual filling/emptying cycle

It must have happened not long before because the place was pretty wet but the water had not gone through to the floor below.  Had we stayed for the second half of the church service, we'd have come home to find the ceilings down for sure.  Fortunately, my husband is competent enough to know where the isolation switch is located so that the water supply to the toilet is turned off. 

The early night was not quite as early as I wanted because we had to try and dry things up.  Now we have to decide what to do - grey suite no longer available.  Do we put in a white toilet for around £50 (husband can do that) or contact the insurance and see what they say or what?  I'm dithering because I'm very tired.

Edited: Rang the insurance in the end and we are not covered for this eventuality anyway.  We are covered for any damage done by the leaking water, such as to the carpet but I'm not putting the insurance premium up by claiming for that miniscule piece of carpetting.

Hey ho, just got to put up with a non matching suite after all.


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