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Monday, March 19, 2012

I've had a lovely weekend.  For mother's day, my younger daughter invited the whole family round for tea as well as her mother-in-law and another family friend.  We had a lovely evening together.  My daughter had made two big pans of soup - carrot and coriander and tomato.  To go with it, we had a choice of three varieties of homemade bread - herb, ciabatta and multigrain. Lovely! And there were fruit baskets (filo pastry filled with strawberries and cream) and a chocolate tart.  My son had made me a card helped by my grandson who had made his own card for me and also covered a little box with bits of tissue paper and put some sweets inside.  When he gave me the card and present he informed grandad that they were not for him, just for me but in a very stern voice so that grandad would do as he was told.  Just lovely!


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