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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm home now for the rest of the week to recover from the single day's work on Monday. How feeble can you get!! At least I did some urgent tasks on Monday which were bothering me so I feel a bit happier about being at home. I have lots of jobs to do at home and I hope to potter round some of them slowly. At least you can take a break at home if you need it : )
The hens are loving continuing their spells of being able to forage around the garden. They get so excited about it that it really makes me laugh. And they are laying lots of eggs this week. I have to send my husband on egg deliveries but it is not his normal job so he doesn't always remember to give them to the folk at work... so I feel that I've let them down. Ah well, maybe normal service will be resumed next week.


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