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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Still bargain hunting

I'm still bargain hunting.  At the beginning of the week I went to Farmfoods who had put one of their leaflets through our door.  The most interesting thing was the box of catfood at cheaper than I have seen it anywhere else by a couple of ££.  We have a branch about a 6-7 mile round trip away and not on one of our normal routes so we very rarely go.  This time I went to get the catfood for us, for both our daughters and some other things for our son and also an item for our neighbour.  They have coupons on their leaflet giving a 10% discount.  A nice little bonus as all the items I went shopping for were at good prices anyway.  However, when I had put in the trolley all the items we had gone for and an item that was on special offer that I hadn't spotted in the advertising leaflet, I was nearly at £100 and at that level, the discount goes up to 12%.  So I bought an extra box of catfood in order to get the extra £2 discount..  So everybody was very happy with their shopping and only our diesel got used. instead of four cars going.  (The catfood is dated for 18 months ahead so I can intersperse it with other food so my little moggies don't get bored.)

I also spotted on the Moneysavingexpert supermarket coupon list (well worth a visit!) that John West tuna spreadables are offering a 50p coupon.  Now at the moment, Asda have those at £1.50 for two tins.  So I printed out one coupon for me with my email address and my husband printed out one for him and I went and got the two tins for 50p total.  Now I know that it probably would be slightly cheaper to buy a Lidl/Aldi tin of tuna flakes and make my own sandwich filler.  But these two tins will be in the cupboard ready for impromptu picnics in the summer when we just take a little tin like this and a pack of rolls or pack of crackrs. Also once a blue moon or so, I like to pack something like that for a longer journey when we don't know if we will require a snack on the way or not - and if the tin is not opened than it will live back in the cupboard ready for another day.

Some of the coupons are for products that I wouldn't be buying but sometimes there are coupons which stretch the budget nicely. It is a place that is worth a regular visit. For example, there is £1 off a 500g pack of Clover which is currently on offer at £1 in Asda : )  Also there is £1 off a pack of New Covent Garden soup which is on offer at £1 in Sainsburys and £1.05 in Waitrose.  Now I can't get Sainsburys to accept coupons printed at home and I have tried three different stores recently although they are fine with "official" manufacturers' coupons. Waitrose will accept coupons printed at home and I was almost passing a store when I had out collecting somebody from college on Friday.  And it counted towards my £5 spend for a free newspaper and my free coffee.  The last time I was in Waitrose I even managed to get a free bag of used coffee grounds from their coffee machine which I put in my wormery and my little worms chomp their way through and turn it into fabulous compost to enrich the soil that grows our veg. The bin was still out this visit but unfortunately there were no grounds left. : ( 

And just to make things clear, normally I make our own soup but it is nice to have it in the fridge for days when the clock seems to fast forward itself.  Although having said that, the only time I actually buy soup is when a) it is a brand that makes good soup and b) it works out to be free or near enough.

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  • At 5:05 AM, Blogger Mum said…

    I think the Farm Foods leaflet must have gone through every door in the country. Our cat is 'off' that particular cat food at the moment otherwise I would have made the journey.

  • At 9:11 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    Neither of my daughters had that leaflet and nor did my son which is one reason we ended up shopping for them. You and I must live in very select areas : )


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