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Monday, October 26, 2015

Cake : )

It was my turn to take some cake to church for a particular event.  My hens are quite old now and are moulting.  Hens can either put their energy into making eggs or making feathers but not both. So as I am really short of eggs, I wanted a cake recipe that didn't use eggs. Sue from The Quince Tree published a recipe that she had found and a couple of others had posted that they had tried the recipe and liked it so I tried it too.  It is a really easy recipe and it was indeed lovely.  There were a couple of pieces left over after the meeting at church so I brought them home and forgot about them. It was about five days later that I found the tub with the cake tucked behind something else and to my surprise, it was still really moist and lovely.  So I commend this recipe to you:

I made one and a half times the quantity in the recipe and that took about 45 minutes to cook.  There are also some variations at the end of Sue's blog post.  You can be sure that this cake, or a variation, will be made again soon : )

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