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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I've been given some goodies in the last week. Isn't it nice when people share their gluts of food : )

1. A marrow.  Actually just saying "a marrow" does not do this monster justice. It weighs in at nearly 35 lbs! A friend at the allotments won a prize at the local show with this one but it is so big that he didn't want it so he gave it to me for the hens.  It is in really good condition so I won't cut it yet but when I do then everybody I know will be getting a piece. And the hens will get a bit too.

2. A small green pumpkin.

3. A frilly edged green squash.  I've no idea what kind it is but it is really pretty looking.

4. A spaghetti marrow.  I'm not sure how to cook this one but I'll do my research - the wonders of google.

5. A Chinese marrow.  I've not come across these before so I don't (yet) know what is different about it.  It is a pretty speckled green so it wins on looks but it is the taste that counts.

6. Two overgrown courgettes that were still just small enough to be able to be cooked without removing the seeds. We've eaten these now.

7. Two small orange marrows.

8. A box with about 20 lbs of green tomatoes. I love fried green tomatoes. I gave almost half the box to my friend down the road because her homegrown tomatoes all went brown.  She was very pleased. My son and daughters have all called in and gone home with a little bag of tomatoes too.  They have a wonderful flavour - so much better than the ones from Lidl. I've been eating tomatoes with almost every meal since they turned red very quickly - and enjoying them .

I've also had a medium size pumpkin free courtesy of Topcashback. I think our winter menu is going to have a lot of pumpkin and marrow in it : )

687 items gone

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