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Sunday, January 03, 2016

So, it is a new year now...

So it is time to look back at 2015 and think about 2016.  I made a commitment to myself to lose 1000 items from the house and I only made it to 802.  Well that is 80% success and 20% failure so I reckon that is a win overall.  So, because I didn't finish my challenge, I am going for it again in 2016.  I had a bagful of things ready to go to the charity shop but going down with a bug prevented me so I have that in hand to start me off.  I've already lost all the easy things so this year's challenge to me will be that bit harder.

My other challenge to me is to lose at least 2 stone weight.  I had to see the pharmacist at our surgery a few weeks ago and he told me a few home truths.  Losing weight is very difficult to do but I've lost several lbs with this bug and still am not interested in food so I'm hoping to capitalise on that. When eating normally, I use a smaller size plate than my husband and in total eat just over half the quantity he does.  He used to have washboard ribs when I first met him but now he is "well padded" rather than fat.  Given the quantity he eats and his penchant for doughnuts (I'm not keen) - it is just not fair!

We hung just one decoration (a wreath on the front door) and some Christmas cards this year.  With two young cats, we decided not to put up a Christmas tree because we thought that the cats would just think it was another toy for them.  Given how poorly we've both been, I think that was a wise decision!  So tomorrow I'll take down our lonely decoration and put it away for next year.  I've missed having the Christmas lights but there is always next year.

I tried going out yesterday to see how I would cope. We were totally out of both milk and rabbit food so we decided to go to our local Lidl which has a car park nearby as well as a pet shop.  So Lidl were completely out of milk - they must have missed a delivery.  We got the rabbit food from the pet shop and drove to Asda to get milk and they had definitely had their delivery.  Any self respecting tortoise would have beaten me hollow by this stage and I was sooooo glad to get home. I haven't gone to church today either but am sat catching up on emails and blog reading. There are things in the diary for this week so I'd better find some energy from somewhere.

So I have set down my two main goals for 2016.  I can hold myself accountable more easily because they are now in print.

Have you set yourself any goals for 2016?

802 items out of 1000 gone in 2015
0 items out of 1000 gone in 2016


  • At 1:26 PM, Blogger Tracy said…

    Happy New year Jo. I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm with you on the de-cluttering and the weight loss (10kg for me). It is hard but I'm hoping that it's worth it.


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