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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Party time

Last weekend was Party Weekend.  We had the three grandchildren's party in the middle of the day in the church hall, complete with bouncy castle, and they thoroughly enjoyed it.  Then we cleared up and cleaned the hall and went straight into preparations for our party in the evening.  I have to say that two parties in one day is Jolly Hard Work!  We had over 80 guests and that is a lot of food to prepare. Our daughters had made lots of cake and I provided the savouries.  We had various friends play (guitar and keyboard) and sing and then we had the food with recorded music playing and then two friends of my daughter's played and sang for the second session. They were really good and we all really enjoyed their playing.  It was far more easy going than it sounds and I think people enjoyed it all.  I know we certainly did. But I was soooo tired afterwards.

On Sunday morning, we had to be at church early because the service was the last session of the holiday club.  So when we got home after setting the church back to rights, we had lunch and then just sat, like zombies who weren't up to walking. We've both slept well all week : )

We've been doing lots of jobs all week and then yesterday, we went to my daughter's to put up guttering on her garage. I pottered round while the work was in progress (managerial role again) and found a nice bramble just covered in ripe blackberries.  So I came home with a nice bag of various snippets that my fussy rabbit will eat and a bag full of plump juicy blackberries.  I had thoughts of putting them with the bag of windfall apples that I was given on Friday but I don't think that they are going to get past puddings after dinner. I shall have to find some more blackberries to go with those apples.  The blackberries in our garden are nowhere near ready yet.

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