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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

End of term : )

It has been busy again recently.  Term has ended and I took in the last batch of eggs for my customers at school.  I hadn't quite enough eggs so I had to "subcontract" (as my son likes to call it) and bought some eggs from my friend who got hens at the same time that I got my last lot.  It was easier than explaining to all my townie co-workers that I didn't have enough because I only have what my hens lay.  They just don't get that - after all Mr Tesco always has eggs...

I'll have fewer in future too since Clementine managed to break the wooden flap that covered the join between house and run and became dinner for the fox.  She was a really reliable layer. My other hens are either very middle aged or positively elderly so there is not much hope of them laying many eggs during the coming autumn and winter.  I'm not sure that I have enough space for any more hens until some of the existing flock have gone. I shall have to drastically cut my customer list. This situation requires thought and probably a lot of twisting of husband round my little finger : )

This last weekend, we had a church weekend at home.  For the last few years, a large chunk of the church has gone away for a weekend together and this year we decided to be different and do the same but staying at home.  So we met for breakfast on Saturday and stayed there doing various activities until about 8.30 in the evening.  Then home to bed and back to church for breakfast on Sunday morning, followed by a music practice for some of us and the morning service and then a picnic in the park.  The sun shone but there was a little bit of a breeze so the picnic was lovely. On Saturday, I was at Lidl waiting for them to open so that I could buy them out of baguettes.  I bought a few part baked ones too to make up the numbers.  I put out the baguettes that I had split,  ham, cheese, salad and fruit and a few other bits and pieces and people made themselves a DIY ploughman's.  It worked really well as people came out of the different morning groups in dribs and drabs so there was never much of a queue but people could fill the baguette with their choice of filling. For dinner, we pre-ordered fish and chips from the local chippy who gave us a good deal because it was a large order. Everybody had a really good weekend but I have to admit that I slept really well on Sunday night! People who would have found it difficult to pay for a weekend away were able to take part so I can see this event happening again.

499 items gone

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