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Monday, June 08, 2015


Yesterday we had a street party in connection with The Big Lunch.  A big section of the road was closed off and there was a bouncy castle and go carts and lots of people sitting and chatting as everybody had brought chairs out of their houses.  We know so few of our neighbours these days that it was good to actually spend some time talking to the people that live around us. The weather was wonderful and that contributed a lot because it would have been miserable in the rain.

I've seen the grandchildren several times over the last couple of weeks, which has been good.  The little one has started crawling which means nothing is safe anymore : ) She has been crawling for a couple of weeks but only in reverse gear.  Now she has worked out how to go forwards and is off and away. She can walk quite steadily if you hold her hands and I was beginning to wonder if she would be one of those babies who would bypass the crawling stage and just get up and walk.

We've been picking some bits and pieces at the allotment.  We have quite a lot of asparagus kale.  It is a heirloom veg. We were given some seeds a few years ago and if a couple of plants are left to go to seed, it just keeps coming back every year. I love it and at the moment, there are flowers coming at every branch like sprouting broccoli.  I keep picking the sprouts to eat as broccoli and pick the flower heads off the rest.  The hens regard the flower stems as a great treat and the green leaves help to make the yolks a good rich yellow.  The plant leaves develop the odd hole but as a rule, they are not greatly prized among the insect fraternity - which I do appreciate. Tasty, easy to prepare and cook, loved by me, the hens (but not the rabbit) and easy to grow and free - a wonderful plant that I thoroughly recommend if you have the chance of some seeds.

My little cat is still hanging on.  She doesn't give me the impression of being in great pain yet but the growth is growing at a phenomenal rate and it won't be very long until I am forced to make a decision. She still enjoys doing some of the things a cat likes doing, such as cooking in a patch of sunshine, and while there is still some quality to her life, I'm not taking that away.

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