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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Happy news this time

I had a nice email just after Christmas to say that my name had come up in a draw for a box of porridge from Dorset cereals.  It has now arrived and it is lovely.  There are four boxes with ten single serving sachets each of "instant" porridge and two boxes of porridge oats. There are various flavours - with barley, honey, fruits.  My husband doesn't like porridge so I have it all to myself : )  I've been bringing in a sachet with some instant milk powder and making it in a mug with boiling water at school for my breakfast at break time.  It maybe does not come out as thick as making it in a microwave but leaving it to soak for a couple of minutes comes a close second.  Nice!  Thank you to Dorset cereals for several weeks' worth of lovely breakfasts.

Then, when I got home from school on Friday, there was a parcel waiting for me in a Jiffy bag.  I prodded and poked but couldn't decide what it was.  When I opened it, Heinz had sent me a bottle of salad cream (the size which is £2.24 in Asda) because I had entered a prize draw ages ago.  I can't decide why they sent me the actual bottle instead of a voucher.  Surely a voucher would have been cheaper for them than paying for the bottle and the padded envelope, paying somebody to put it in envelope and write and stick on the label and then pay for the postage.  I did have to laugh, though, as a bottle of salad cream was not what I was imagining when I was poking the parcel and trying to guess what was in it.  And I am very fond of Heinz salad cream although normally I won't pay more than Aldi and Lidl charge so this was a nice surprise. Now the weather has just got to warm up a bit so that I can grow some salad leaves and tomatoes etc to have my salad cream on : )



  • At 7:29 AM, Blogger Fran said…

    Mmm, egg mayo sandwiches made with salad cream, lovely! Congratulations on your winnings xxx

  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger Kev Alviti said…

    I haven't won anything in ages - I must enter some more competitions! They might be small prises but hey add up.


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