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Monday, March 10, 2014


This is a link to a fun quiz from the Guardian's food warrior series:

I came out with mainly Cs.

But - although it is a bit of fun, I was horrified by this bit:

You don’t need to be told that food waste is a problem. Last year, data revealed that British families throw away approximately six meals’ worth of food every week. It’s a waste of our money, it’s bad for the environment – and the 86 million chickens that are thrown away without being eaten each year can’t be particularly chuffed about it either.

We don't throw away six meals' worth of food every week and nor does anybody else that I know.   This means that other people must be wasting WAY more than that to balance our statistics and those of the people we know (and yours too?) in order for the average to be about six meals' worth.  Why do they buy so much?  I just don't understand.  If they have that much money to spare/throw away, can I have some of it please?  I could put it to better use and buy the smallholding that we'd love to have.  And where do they get that statistic about throwing away 86 million chickens uneaten?  In one year!  Surely that can't be right?  They are talking about British families not a worldwide statistic. Brain overload here......



  • At 5:44 AM, Blogger Fran said…

    I am staggered as well, not in this house! 86 million chickens have lost their lives needlessly, what sort of society do we live in :( xxx


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