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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I read Frugal Queen's blog this morning in my break.   I had to smile because stir fry is one of my favourite meals.  Tesco had one of their offers on where you buy certain items and get 10p per litre off petrol.  You can use up to 5 of these vouchers in one go so up to 50p per litre off petrol.  So I went on Sunday afternoon and bought 4 "deals" of coffee for work and one "deal" of dairy produce for us and a few reduced veg including a pack of fresh egg noodles and a pack of stir fry veg.  I was really pleased because I had a £5 off if you spend £40 voucher, which was easy to do with the coffee AND they had sent me a £2 off if I spend £8 on dairy produce voucher with my Tesco vouchers last week.  We've got enough fuel in the car to last a bit longer so I won't go back to Tesco until the last minute so I can buy as much fuel as possible.

When Tesco had this offer back in the summer, we got to the petrol station running on fumes and filled the tank up with 80 litres at 50p per litre off with the vouchers.  That was the only time I have smiled at the petrol station since we got this car with its humungeous tank : )

The other smile I got on reading FQ's blog was thinking back to Christmas about 5 years ago.  "What do you want for Christmas, Mum?"  I said that there wasn't really anything I wanted and would prefer it if they got me something useful.  One of them joked "Loo rolls?"  So I said that I'd rather have loo rolls than something that I'd never use.  So guess what I got for Christmas that year...?

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