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Friday, October 05, 2012

I've been very thrifty this week.  Actually it is all because of other people's generosity.  I was given a chicken carcass a few days ago by a friend who already had four carcasses in the freezer and stock from a fifth in the fridge.  She is on a special diet and is very limited in what she can eat.  She had taken the breast meat off and nothing else as she only likes the white meat.  I had brought home cooked peas, carrots and potatoes left from a church meal on Sunday, so I got cooking.

We had:
  • pieces of chicken in a sauce with vegetables and served with couscous from my Approved Food stash
  • one of my husband's favourite meals - cold chicken and fried potato served with peas and carrots.  Left to himself, I think he would cook some form of chips with every meal : )
  • 3 chicken pies with pastry bottoms and potato tops made with white sauce and leftover veg with some onions, mushrooms and bacon from the fridge
  • 2 meals of chicken and veg soup
So we have eaten well this week and there are several homemade ready meals in the freezer.  And it has cost us very little money.  Given the number of family birthdays coming up in the next month, that is A Good Thing.



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