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Saturday, October 27, 2012

We haven't had dry weekends for ages so I'd been stockpiling the dirty laundry and just washing the essentials as it is so hard to get things dry.  So I've got the washer on again this morning to try and catch up in the only two dry days of halfterm.  The sun has come out and there is a little bit of a breeze today which means that things might dry.

It was cold last night.  My husband had left a bucket of water halfway up the garden (for reasons known only to himself) and it has at least an inch of ice on the top now.  It was perishing cold coming home last night from the party. We were the party poopers who were the first ones to leave.  We were there about 3 hours so we didn't do bad but my husband had developed a headache from all the noise so we gave up and came home.  There was a couple singing and playing and they weren't bad but I'd never heard any of the songs and couldn't really listen because of all the background chat.  I'm not good at hearing with a lot of background noise.  I can't "force" my voice to talk over lots of background noise either.  I've had lots of throat problems in the past and know that trying to talk in such situations only leads to misery.  Still, I had a good cuddle with my  new little granddaughter.  My daughter had prepared lots of food but people didn't seem to want to eat.  She had made loads of cupcakes and they looked lovely. She is a good cook, my daughter.  Actually, all three of our kids are good cooks.  Don't know where they get that from and they certainly didn't help when they lived at home : )



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